MITOBI Integrated Services Ltd is an ICT/Electronic Security company with deep-rooted collaboration with world-recognized partners in the business of providing top-notch solutions to defence and security challenges

Our Military and Government Solutions include:

  1. Jamming Solution:  By combating remote controlled IEDs at checkpoints and border crossings, our Stationary Jammers work to defeat border guard and checkpoint ambush attacks.
  2. Military Communication:  Mitobi transmitters and receivers have been specifically designed for extended reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions and draw minimal current, making them ideal for installation in transportable systems or at remote solar cell powered sites.
  3. RF Radar:  Our RF products deliver wider bandwidth, far greater efficiency and the higher capacities needed to execute design and engineer improvements.
  4. Protective Wares:  Mitobi Integrated Services Limited is the biggest professional distributors of anti gears and law enforcement products, and is committed to selling and distribution of the products that meet the requirement of professional law enforcement officers.
  5. Defense Equipment:  Our Defense Equipment provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrificing the fit or comfort.
  6. Explosive Ordinance Disposal Solutions:  The detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, recovery and disposal of all items of explosive ordnance that have the capacity to detonate and cause injury or damage; such as grenades, cluster munitions, land service ammunition and mortars.
  7. Naval Support Services
  8. Military Command Center:  Integrating our suite of products into day-to-day operations can empower the DoD and government agencies to maintain situational awareness in a threatening world.
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