missle warning

Counter-Man Portable Air Defense Systems (C-MANPADS)

Since the tragedies of September 11th, the threat terrorism presents to commercial aviation has been the focus of considerable attention. The latest threat, although not new to the world, is the risk of shoulder-fired missile attacks or MANPADS. By some estimates there are likely over half a million MANPADS worldwide.

The availability, portability and concealable make-up of MANPADS all add to the appeal of these weapons to terrorist groups.

In response to this growing threat to commercial aviation, for protecting airliners against shoulder fired missiles, Counter-man Portable Air Defense Systems (C-MANPADS)


The Suite of Integrated Infrared Countermeasures (SIIRCM)/Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) enhances individual aircraft survivability against an increasing worldwide proliferation of advanced infrared (IR) guided missiles. The SIIRCM concept of IR protection includes new IR flare decoys, the Advanced Infrared Countermeasures Munitions, and passive IR features.

The system intended to provide automatic passive missile detection, threat declaration, positive warning of a post-launch missile that is homing on the host platform, countermeasures effectiveness assessment, false alarm suppression, and cues to other on-board system such as expendable countermeasures dispensers.



Advanced threat infrared countermeasures/common missile warning system (ATIRCM/CMWS) suite provides protection against an array of modern, highly lethal missile attacks in all infrared threat bands.

This directable infrared countermeasures suite provides passive warning of missile approach using the  CMWS, which detects the missile, rejects any false alarms, and cues the onboard infrared jamming system’s jam head to the missile’s location.


  • Passive missile warning sensors 
  • Precise angle-of-arrival information 
  • Infrared tracker mounted on the jam head gimbal 
  • Laser- and arc-lamp jamming sources 
  • Modular architecture for easy growth path