Barcode Ticketing System Controls Car Park Access & Revenue Collection By Thermal Barcode Ticket.
Regular Visitors/Monthly Users May Use RFID Cards, Which Are Enrolled In Parking Management Program, And Visitors Can Park-In Their Cars After Having Parking Ticket Issued At Entry.

Parking And Ticketing System2
Parking And Ticketing System1
Parking And Ticketing System

Markets & Applications

  • Car Park Towers
  • Car Parks
  • Municipal Car Parks
  • Hospital/Hotel
  • Commercial/Office Buildings


How To Entry ?

Step 1—– The Vehicle Covers The Loop Coil.

Step 2 —– Driver Press The Push Button On The Entry Parking Case.

Step 3 —– The Card Dispenser Spit An RFID Card. System Recording All The Information Like Data Entry Time.

Step 4 —– Boom Barrier Open Automatically

Step 5 —– After Driver Pass The 2th Loop Coin. The Boom Barrier Close Automatically

Parking And Ticketing System1