Video Surveillance

Protect Your Home And Property With The Best CCTV  Or IP Cameras And Monitor Them  Online  From Anywhere In The World. 

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Mitobi Integrated Services Surveillance Edge

Get The Best Video Surveillance  Cameras On Mitobi Intergrated Service (MIS) From A Wide Selection Of Top Brands Like G-Tech, HikvisionUniviewHilook , Dahua, Axis , Bosch And More. No Matter Where You Want To Install A Surveillance  Camera, You Can Be Rest Assured That You Would Definitely Find Just The Right Pick That Specifically Suits Your Need. 

Crime Prevention: CCTV Cameras is effective in reducing Crime Rates In Many Locations Around The World As Criminals Avoid Locations With CCTV So That They Don’t Get Caught On Tape.

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Industrial Processes: There Are Some Processes In Industries Which Are Very Dangerous For Human Health But Require Monitoring, CCTV Have Made It Possible For Those Processes To Be Monitored Remotely.

Traffic Monitoring: Large Cities And Road Networks Use CCTV Systems To Detect Congestion’s, Accidents And Other Traffic Issues.