Radar Solution

Radar can provide significant warning of the arrival of incoming threats allowing time to mount an effective response. Accipiter easily integrates into existing security operations centres.

Radar signals tracking thousands of small, uncooperative targets simultaneously.

We represent noted radar manufacturing companies in Europe, America and  Canada,   with  radar product portfolio for  land, naval and airborne applications spanning a vast range of high technology radar products. These include reconnaissance & surveillance, air defense, and weapon locating applications.

 Ground Surveillance Radar

Tracking of moving targets on or close to the ground or sea, and for artillery fire adjustment with automatic target classification

It  can be used as a stand-alone radar on a tripod, integrated on a vehicle.



System is light in weight, has easy deployment and operation features. It can be operated in complex combat environment where it is difficult for vehicle to reach. Two or three soldiers can carry the equipment units to the deployment site to execute the mission


Antenna and RF Front-End Unit

*Antenna Lifting Mechanism *Receiver and Processor Unit *Control Unit *Power Supply *Operator Console (Laptop)

Long/Short Range Sound Acquisition and Analysis System


the purpose of detecting and tracking mortar shells to determine the point of origin and the point of impact.

The radar covers 360° in azimuth.