wireless connectivity

Wireless Solution Connects to Industry 4.0 Era
Network connection plays an essential role in the convergence of the cyber and physical worlds that Industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things (IIoT) advocate. As the question of “go wired or wireless” bothers users, wireless connection is preferred over wired LAN because it delivers the benefits of low cost and ease of deployment. Thus, MITOBI identifies three elements to set up a trustworthy wireless network.




Management system
Industrial Wi-Fi solution
Industrial wireless sensor network gateway solution
Management System

Manageability is the key to build a robust reliable wireless network. In the network all connected Wi-Fi devices and wireless sensors must be able to be managed and controlled by a management system. Such management system can automatically detect Wi-Fi access points (APs) and customer premises equipment (CPE), and enable remote setup and configuration of APs and CPEs. Also, the management system can monitor devices status, watch for alarming events, and bring the manager’s attention to a developing situation


MITOBI edge server will parse the incoming data into small pieces, extract the pieces that matter to manufacturers, convert the pieces into pre-defined formats so that they can be recognized by receiving ends, and then send the pieces to private enterprise clouds, IBM Bluemix, or Axeda Machine Cloud Service.

Industrial Wi-Fi Mesh Solution

Harsh environments and reliable data transmission are two major factors to be considered when building wireless networks in industrial settings. It is imperative for industrial Wi-Fi solutions to deliver industrial grade reliability and optimize routes for sending data. Leveraging the Mesh technology, MITOBI Industrial Wi-Fi Mesh IWF series features self-forming and self-healing capabilities to provide a secure backbone network for flexible wireless network deployment and reliable data transmission. MITOBI Industrial Wi-Fi Mesh IWF series is made up of EZ Mesh APs and Mobile Mesh APs.